The application of a dryer solar energy hybrid to decrease workload and increase dodol production in Bali

Santosa, I Gede and Yusuf, Muhammad (2017) The application of a dryer solar energy hybrid to decrease workload and increase dodol production in Bali. International research journal of engineering, IT & scientific research, 3 (6). pp. 99-106. ISSN 2454-2261

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Dodol is one of the typical traditional snacks in Bali. Dodol is a food favored by both domestic and foreign tourists. The process of making dodol are through several stages, namely making the dough, stirring the dough until cooked, wrapping dodol, and the last stage is drying dodol. The process of drying is done by natural methods of drying and using traditional work tools. The process of drying under the sun causes an additional workload for the worker, tiredness, and less optimal production of dodol. Therefore, research was done to provide a solution to this problem that is the application of a dryer solar energy hybrid. This research was conducted experimentally using treatment by subject design. The sample size is 20 people. The samples were given two treatments, namely the work of making dodol the old way (period 1) and working to make dodol in a new way using the application of techno-ergonomic hybrid solar energy (period 2). The workload is calculated based on worker's working pulse and %CVL (Cardio Vascular Load), while the production amount is calculated from the amount of dodol produced in one production cycle. To know the difference between period 1 and period 2, data were analyzed using the t-pair test at 5% significance level. The results showed that there was a decrease of workload by 15.3%, a decrease of %CVL by 41.4%, increase of production amount 167%, and improvement of dodol product quality. It was concluded that the application of hybrid solar drying can decrease the workload of dodol workers and increase the production and the quality of dodol in Bali.

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