Air Distribution Analysis in Drying Tumpeng Process with Dry Racking Machine Type

Arsawan, I Made and Negara, I Putu Sastra and Santosa, I Gede and Pujihadi, I Gede Oka (2018) Air Distribution Analysis in Drying Tumpeng Process with Dry Racking Machine Type. In: the International Conference on Science and Technology (ICST 2018).

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The Balinese people cannot be separated from their cultural and religious customs. The religious procession for Balinese people is conducted to express our gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa (The Almighty God) for the gift he has given. One of the ceremonial facilities used is tumpeng, and in aseries of ceremony, a lot of tumpeng is usually needed. As the result, many people turn this opportunity into a business. One of the villages in Gianyar regency, namely the Buruan village, Blahbatuh sub-district, the community has a lot to do with their tumpeng penet business. In this village, the craftsmen still encounter many obstacles in the drying process of the cone. Nowadays, the drying process is still using the manual method by drying it under the direct sunlight. The disadvantage of this process is that this process takes long enough time and can only be done in the season. For this reason, some efforts are required to make in order to help the craftsmen of tumpeng increase their productivity, in which the distribution of air in the drying process of tumpeng will be tested in this research by using a multilevel rack type drying machine. The purpose of this research is to get the design of an air circulation system which is evenly distributed in the drying chamber of the tumpeng drying machine with multilevel rack type. The method used in this study is to make a multilevel rack type drying machine with 6 levels with an LPG gas source as a test tool. By using the existing test equipment several types of air distribution will be tried to be created to get an even air distribution system in the drying chamber. Each thermocouple will be installed on a rack to find out the temperature that occurs on each rack. From the results of the research, it turns out that the rack temperature in the lowest rack position (near the heat source) produces the highest temperature, and the rack above it has a lower temperature with an average of ∆T 35 o C this data is obtained on the system without the circulation of hot air in the drying chamber. After the process of air distribution in the drying chamber, even though the lowest rack has the highest temperature, yet the differrence of temperature between the shelves is not too large; the average between shelves reaches 10 ° C.

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